We offer the best prices for a high quality inspection.

Our experienced inspector carries out a meticulous inspection in order to highlight the visible defects and the repairs required to keep the property in the best possible condition and thus avoid the premature deterioration of the building. We produce a detailed written report with photos and recommendations and deliver it to the client within 48 hours of the inspection.

Want to sell your house? Your goal is to sell quickly and at a good price? We strongly suggest that you prepare for it. Before the sale, we can highlight the flaws that you probably did not know existed. You will receive a written report of the current condition of the building and we will suggest the repair of the problems raised in order to obtain a better value for your home.

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Does your inspector have the necessary training to carry out building inspections?

Yes, in addition to a university degree in civil engineering, our inspector also holds the " Building Inspection Techniques " diploma from the Grasset Institute in Montreal.

Does your inspector have experience?

Yes, he is a building inspector with more than 30 years of experience in construction as a worker, designer and project manager, contractor, consultant and inspector, which allows him not only to identify possible problems, but also to offer you suitable solutions. With more than 2000 inspections to his credit, he has developed a personal technique which is reflected in the thoroughness of his inspections and in the quality and simplicity of the report provided.

Does your inspector use a thermal camera?

During his inspections, our inspector relies mainly on his broad knowledge of building components and his long experience, which no sophisticated tool can replace, but he also uses a thermal camera , an electronic humidity detector , a laser and testers for the electrical system , which helps him confirm and illustrate some of his findings.

Is he a member of an association or a professional order?

Yes, he is a member in good standing of the A IBQ (Association of Building Inspectors of Quebec). Our inspections are therefore carried out according to the standards of practice of the AIBQ. We are also affiliated with the CEAB network (Consultants and Approved Experts in Buildings), made up of specialists who have been active in real estate expertise for 27 years.

Is your inspector insured?

Yes, our inspector holds professional insurance – “ Errors and Omissions ” coverage of up to $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Do you have references?

Yes, with more than 4000 inspections carried out we benefit from more and more customers who recommend us. Many of them send us thank you notes for the quality of our service and we can provide, upon request, the names and contact details of our satisfied customers.

Do you provide a written report after the inspection?

Yes, we produce a detailed written report with photos within a maximum of 48 hours following the inspection of the building. This report is sent by e-mail, as well as mailed in hard copy at no additional cost.

Can you help us with a hidden defect?

Yes, our inspector is recognized as an expert witness by the Court and our legal expertise concerning hidden defects, construction defects or poorly executed work has been appreciated by several real estate lawyers.

Can you give us a good price?

Yes. Our rates are already the lowest in the industry for professional service. A precise diagnosis of the exterior walls using a thermal camera (approximate price of $250) is included free of charge in our inspections. Perhaps you can find cheaper elsewhere, but given the importance of the investment envisaged, it is better to bet on a high quality service.





The testimonials of our customers are our guarantee!

Thank you very much, Clear and precise the report is very professional! I would recommend you! THANK YOU



I am very pleased with your inspection and report is very clear. I decided not to buy. Thank you.



What a beautiful work! Thank you again. Once you have the report that is more complete.





  • Single storey, cottage, half-level, condominium
  • Price: $600+tx


  • Private part only
  • Price: $450+tx

Income property

  • Duplex: $650 +tx
  • Triplex: $700 +tx
  • Quadruplex: $750 +tx
  • Fiveplex $800 +tx
  • Sixplex $850 +tx
  • Expertise $150/hr


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